McGruff SafeGuard Donates Child Safe Browser for iPads to K-12 Schools

As more and more primary and secondary schools deploy iPads to their students, administrators are faced with a new problem – how to prevent children from viewing inappropriate websites.

Most schools protect children at school with campus-wide network filtering tools for PCs and mobile devices. But when a student takes the iPad home the device, and the child, are vulnerable. Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad doesn’t provide parental controls, so there’s no filter for inappropriate porn, gambling or violent websites.

To help schools, McGruff SafeGuard announced today that it is donating the fully upgraded McGruff SafeGuard Browser for iPads to public school districts nationwide. The upgraded version provides extensive parental control features, such as letting parents see which websites their child visits, and what their child was searching for.

“Parents are justifiably concerned that the iPads their children bring home from school are completely unprotected,” said Marty Schultz, director of McGruff SafeGuard. “It’s our mission to keep children safe online. Our donation to public schools enables schools and parents work together to keep their children safe.”

The McGruff SafeGuard Browser is a fully-featured, Safari-like browser app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that blocks inappropriate websites and content. Over 100 topics can be blocked including pornography, dating, violence, sex education, alcohol, drugs, gambling and many others. Parents receive a report summarizing their child or teen’s online browsing activity, and which device was used for access.

To participate in this program, all school administrators have to do is contact McGruff SafeGuard at k12 (at) gomcgruff (dot) com.

For more information on the child safe browser for iPads visit:

Source: Press Release

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