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Math Apps: Jingle’s Puzzle

Jingle’s Puzzle is a math app designed around one of Singapore primary school’s math model methods. Developed by Inverted Radish, the game was conceived by Bryan Chong during a tuition session with his third grade student based in Singapore.

“I noticed the exercise on math modeling was rather dry and my student couldn’t focus on finishing her drills – she’d rather play instead” said Bryan. “I related back to my experience as a game developer and thought it would be nice to give students a game that can help them practice their mechanical skills of math model solving. I thought the most simplistic approach would be to set up a puzzle inlaid with a math model problem”.

During the game development, Bryan drew up some paper prototypes and gave it to his student to try and solve the puzzles he created. To ensure the game design was solid, he observed his students and took onboard any feedback.

The students valued the game activity more than practicing the math drills and were delighted when they realized they can do both at the same time. Deduction and induction in math are highly valued skill sets which can be poorly taught in schools in Singapore. The app provides an opportunity for users to utilize these skills and have fun at the same time.

Jingle’s Puzzle math app is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store.


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