Making Free Online Classes From YouTube Videos: Teachem

Teachem officially launched the School of You today giving anyone the ability to create unlimited online classes from YouTube videos. Never before has such an easy to use teaching and learning platform been integrated so closely with YouTube videos. It is perfect for universities and other learning institutions, teachers, companies, and experts of any kind. Best of all, it’s free.

online classesThe format is simple: First you create and brand your school, such as the School of Entrepreneurship. Next you create classes using YouTube’s wealth of educational videos. Finally, you add an interactive layer on top of the videos with time-stamped flashcards and review questions. What makes this platform so ideal for any organization is that the user can specify who has access to the School of You. It can either be made private (invite only) or public (anyone can enroll).

Teachem is also a huge win for learners as it allows them to create any school of their interest and use YouTube’s 700,000+ educational videos as their own classroom. Since teaching is the best form of learning, by creating teachem classes they will not only learn the information but actually retain it.

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