Learnist: Learning Boards like Pinterest

Learnist is a social application that works similarly to Pinterest but specifically for education. You create “Learnboards” and fill them with interesting content from the web. Users can leave comments or add your learning links to their boards. There is an iPad and iPhone version available at the iTunes store, so you can browse and learn from thousands of topics created and curated by other Learnist members.

Learnist is developed by Grockit, an online social network, focused on peer to peer learning and study groups for the GMAT, SAT’s and ACT test exams in the USA.

“Whether it’s in the classroom, the workplace or the home, people learn best when they do it together and often when they are sharing a computer or tablet screen,” says Roy Gilbert, Grockit CEO. “Our goal is to help people learn from and teach each other with the incredibly rich educational resources found all over the internet. Our new mobile apps make it fun for Learnist users to do this.”

If you haven’t heard of Learnist go check it out, it could become your next social media addiction!

Visit: http://learni.st/ or download the iPhone & iPad apps.