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Halloween Safety Tips: Free Online course

Halloween is quickly approaching so SafetySkills® have created this free online Halloween safety course to provide parents and children with some important Halloween safety tips before they go trick-or-treating.

The SafetySkills® Halloween Online Safety Training course is free and includes a certificate of completion that can be proudly hung on the refrigerator. This free nine minute course is designed to help the participant with safe preparations before going door-to -door, provide general safe trick-or -treating tips and to identify ways to avoid belly aches due to candy overload. Halloween is an exciting time of year, and this course can be a helpful tool to keeping all the memories happy.

Mike Robertson, SafetySkills® Instructional Systems Designer states, “We spend most of our time keeping people safe on the job. But we got to thinking, people get hurt at home, too. And out of all the people in our community we want to help protect, kids are at the top of the list, hands down. Halloween is mostly a pretty safe holiday, but kids are out around traffic, sometimes in the dark. I’m a parent myself, and thinking about any kid getting hurt makes me crazy. I worry about all those kids. So we researched the topic and came up with a set of safety guidelines we think will help both kids and parents have a safe, fun, stress-free Halloween.”

SafetySkills® is committed to being a resource for safety information not only at the workplace but in the community as well.

For more information about the SafetySkills® ‘Halloween Safety Tips’ course visit: http://safetyskills.com/

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