Free Elearning and Digital Cultures Online Course


Coursera is a new online platform which allows you to attend free online courses in a wide range of disciplines from the most reknown international universities: Princeton, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. You can learn at your own pace, work on your own schedule, test your knowledge and reinforce your concepts through interactive exercises.

We found a particularly interesting online course from the University of Edinburgh titled ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures‘. This is a 5 week course starting on the 28th of January 2013. It is aimed at teachers, learning technologists, and people with a general interest in education who want to deepen their understanding of what it means to teach and learn in the digital age. The course will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platform.


“The course is about how digital cultures intersect with learning cultures online, and how our ideas about online education are shaped through “narratives”, or big stories, about the relationship between people and technology. We’ll explore some of the most engaging perspectives on digital culture in its popular and academic forms, and we’ll consider how our practices as teachers and learners are informed by the difference of the digital. We’ll look at how learning and literacy is represented in popular digital-, (or cyber-) culture. For example, how is ‘learning’ represented in the film The Matrix, and how does this representation influence our understanding of the nature of e-learning?”

This course has been developed collaboratively by a team of experienced teachers and researchers in online education, who run the international MSc in E-learning distance education programme at the University of Edinburgh, and no background skills or knowledge are required to take part.