Common Core Standards

Digital Learning Now! Smart Series: Reports on Digital Learning and Common Core Standards

The Digital Learning Now! Smart Series is a collection of interactive papers that gives guidance to policy makers and educational leaders about the adoption of Common Core Standards, and the shift to personal digital learning. The reports have some interesting case studies on schools that have implemented strategies for digital learning, and give guidance on how to do so for educators and policy makers.

Topics include:

  • Funding high-access learning environments,
  • Building comprehensive learner profiles,
  • Preparing for online assessments,
  • Moving to competency-based learning models,
  • Financing student achievement,
  • Building big data policies,
  • Improving the teaching profession with blended learning

Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign to advance policies that will create a high quality digital learning environment to better prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers.

The first paper that they released ‘Funding the Shift to Digital Learning: Three Strategies for Funding Sustainable High-Access Environments‘ gives details of three models for improving student access to technology; subsidized parent model, state / district provided and a mixed model. It also gives guidance on implementing and sustaining high access environments.

Common Core Standards

The newest paper they have released ‘Data Backpacks: Portable Records & Learner Profiles‘ looks at the current way student records and transcripts are managed, the problems related to them, and give recommendations for improving their current management.

The reports are a worthwhile read, and Digital Learning Now! have some excellent resources on their own webpage to have a look at including a Digital Learning Report Card and an advocacy toolkit.


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