tuition fees

Is a college degree worth it with the cost of tuition fees?

Thanks to our friends over at DegreeJungle for this infographic asking the question ‘Is a college degree worth it?’. I know my degree was only ever good for getting another qualification, still employers liked to see it was there. These days it’s easy to be self taught from the school of Google, but you can’t put a price on the college experience or can you? Feel free to comment below!

A question sparking debates as tuition fees spiral out of control and unemployment for college grads hits record levels. Is a college degree worth it? For many the value of a degree is not just the earnings impact over a lifetime but the experiences and personal development that occur during these years. Maturing into a focused, passionate learner can help you find opportunities for career progression.

With work taking up almost half of your waking hours each day, don’t you want to spend your career working at a meaningful, empowering job? We do! Because if you love your job, magical things start to happen that are worth much more than your paycheck. Then the pay is just an added bonus. Our infographic below attempts to work through this important topic and weigh the pros and cons of going to college.

tuition fees


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