8 Unique Music Apps for Music Appreciation


Music appreciation involves developing an understanding of different musical movements and genres. You study music from a historical perspective, discussing what has changed and what pieces have stood the test of time, and from a cultural perspective, learning how music has defined cultures, brought people together and been used for social and political purposes. These eight unique music apps for appreciation will help you access music from different cultures, explore a little music history and give you the terms you need to know to fully appreciate music.


Muscality, also known as Music Ace, helps you learn musical terms and study for major tests involving those terms. Bookmark key terms, then use the quiz feature to test your musical knowledge. You can also share terms and quizzes on Facebook to get input for friends or help them study as well.


Bring a little fun into music appreciation through the Ocarina app. The app, which turns your smartphone or tablet into an ancient flute, helps you learn fun songs, begin to understand musical notes and explore different types of music. You can also listen to recordings of flute players around the world and rate their performances.

Radio World

Radio World helps you appreciate music by listening to music from all over the world. The app gives you access to radio stations from over 100 countries. While you may not understand all of the words, you will learn a lot about different musical styles and develop an appreciation for the universal language of music.


The Zampona app allows you to experiment with a traditional Latin American instrument, the panpipe. Your app becomes a panpipe you can play with your fingers and connects you with YouTube tutorials to help you learn how to play this classic instrument. You can also experiment with different types of panpipes or record your songs to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Classical Music I

Explore the world of classical music through the Classical Music I: Master’s Collection Vol. 1 app. Ranked as a top classical music and education app, it is designed to help you experience 120 of the best pieces of classical music ever created. The pieces were chosen by classical music experts and will help familiarize you with a range of composers and classical styles.

My First Classical Music App

If you know very little about classical music or want to brush up on your knowledge, My First Classical Music App may be for you.  Designed with children in mind, the app uses cartoonish characters and colorful backgrounds to introduce students to different musical instruments, composers and key music terms. It also features tips on what to listen for and well-known classical music pieces.

NPR Music

NPR is known for featuring music from lesser-known artists and music from around the world. With the NPR Music app, you can explore music from multiple genres and listen to NPR reports on different artists and styles of music. The app also features music streaming live from over 100 different radio stations and editor’s picks to help you find new songs to enjoy.

iMusic Dictionary

iMusic Dictionary puts all the key terms you need to know for music appreciation at your fingertips. Terms are organized alphabetically and cover a wide range of genres. The handy search feature helps you find terms, even offering suggestions when you input a few letters, so you do not have to get the spelling of the terms exactly right.