sCoolWork: Can an educational app improve your grades?


Can an educational app improve your grades? This is the question being asked by Israeli Start-up Skills & Knowledge who are continuing to develop their web application sCoolWork and are raising funding through crowdfunding.

From their indiegogo page:

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What is sCoolWork?

sCoolWork is an all-in-one app for doing essays and submitting papers much better and faster.‎ It is designed so you could improve your grades and save time for school work.

sCoolWork has many neat tools and features, for example:

  • Quick and easy editor, fully supporting MLA/ APA/ Chicago formats
  • No-need-to-search information always relevant to your specific topic
  • Professional grammar and spelling checker
  • Proven templates and outlines for high grade essays
  • Powerful bibliography maker
  • Intelligent plagiarism (“copycat”) checker
  • Topic suggestor
  • …and more!

Why papers done with sCoolWork get better grades?

With sCoolWork, you’ll always produce a well-structured, well-written paper, based on excellent information sources and formated exactly as required. With sCoolWork’s editor, you have almost no chance of making a mistake!‎

Why papers done with sCoolWork are done much faster?

sCoolWork is built so you won’t waste hours on frustrating and time-consuming tasks such as constant care for formatting issues, filtering search results, creating bibliography and more. sCoolWork contains lots of features which will elimante the grueling, unnecessary tasks and help you focus on creating and forming your ideas into a high grading paper.

Why sCoolWork develops your learning ability?‎

Using sCoolWork, you get accustomed to highly efficient working methods and excellent ‎information. The more you use sCoolWork, the better your paper-preparation skills will be., and you’ll have the means to write A+ essays, with or without sCoolWork.

When is sCoolWork going to come out?

We plan that immediately after its end the old beta app will be updated to something which will resemble the full app. The full app is scheduled to be released this October. Once it is released, you can activate your subscription.
Until then, the beta app is free @