Schoology Launches the Schoology App Center

Schoology, the leading cloud-based, collaborative learning platform for K-20 classrooms have announced the opening of the Schoology App Center. More than twenty applications are actively being built on the Schoology platform, and today, the Schoology App Center goes live with five popular third-party applications including Blackboard Collaborate™, Turnitin®, BrainNook, Scootpad and Remind101.

The Schoology API and developer platform allows third parties to interact with, and extend, the features and functionality found in Schoology, including the ability to build applications that run directly within Schoology. The result is a seamless and integrated experience for the more than one million educators, students and administrators that use Schoology to connect and collaborate every day. With the launch of the Schoology App Center, educators can install and connect their favorite applications to Schoology with just a few clicks.

“We believe collaboration, community driven content and cross-platform integration is the cornerstone of education technology — creating a rich user experience that enables educators to teach better today,” said Jeremy Friedman, CEO of Schoology. “The Schoology App Center and public API brings tremendous value to our users because it offers easy access to new and innovative educational apps delivered in a single environment. It also benefits the industry at large, because developers now have direct exposure to our sizable customer base and access to unique data and content created by the community and curated by Schoology.”

For developers interested in building apps that enhance how teachers teach and students learn, visit:

Check out the IPhone, iPad and Android Apps.

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