Knowledge Quest: English – Game Based Learning for English!


It’s not often we come across an English tailored learning game, so this one we had to share!

Knowledge Quest is an immersive online game designed to complement strands of the Australian Curriculum for English Language and Literacy. Knowledge Quest: English helps students, teachers and parents prepare for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test with best-practice diagnostic technology that monitors individual progress at the conceptual level.

Students discover a world of quest-based gameplay where learning is rewarded and knowledge is power. Each student creates their own character and progresses through the game at their own pace. Rewards are gained through quest-based gameplay that is linked to educational concepts. Graded questions with feedback are also incorporated into the game, which aid students’ preparation for NAPLAN tests.

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Teacher editions are provided to allow you to monitor your students’ activity in the online games, track their progress and view all results at an individual, group or whole-class level.

The game is supported by printed workbooks that’s include worksheets and test questions. To find out more about Knowledge Quest: English and their pricing visit: