BuyBackTextbooks App -Turn old books into cash!

College textbooks cost a fortune and more often than not students let their used books collect dust once they are through with them. BuyBackTextbooks have released a brand new app for Android devices and is also availabe in the iTunes Store. The textbook buy back service is absolutely free for anyone to use – turn old books into cash quickly.

“While in college I know most students are strapped for cash which is why we developed our new BuyBackTextbooks Android app,” says owner David Batchelor. “Instead of wasting thousands of dollars in unused textbooks, students can now use our price comparison service to make some quick cash right from their mobile phone.”

To get started enter the ISBN or scan the barcode (requires app) of the used textbook to be sold and browse the results of merchants that offer textbook buy back services – choose the store that is offering the most amount of money for the book. The merchant selected will offer a pre-paid shipping label – simply print it out, place it on a box that contain the used textbooks being sold and in approximately a week, payment will be sent via check or PayPal.

BuyBackTextbooks app works on all Android  & IPhone devices, is absolutely free to use and offers instant search results.

Source: Press Release