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Akademia: New Student Planner Educational App Designed for UK Students

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in the creation of student planners, Akademia is the first fully functional student planner app designed specifically for UK students. It represents a sophisticated virtual planning tool that can be used independently or in conjunction with a traditional planner.

With modern students increasingly reliant on technology to inform their studies, this educational app represents a timely and convenient way for them to manage themselves. It is a powerful and intuitive means for a student to organise information such as timetables, teachers, subjects, classes, homework assignments, appointments, exams, and study sessions. Moreover it goes wherever the student goes and can never be left behind at home or in a bag.

With the new school year set to start in the coming weeks and the educational demands upon students becoming ever more severe, this educational app represents an essential study aid. Considering the trend of constantly rising grades and the reactions they provoke in the media, students need every advantage they can get in today’s schools.

“We are extremely excited to be releasing Akademia as the first app of its kind on the UK market. With it we are taking the first step into the future of the student planner industry,” commented Robin Clark.

Akademia has been designed to operate on iOS 4.2 and above and so will function on the iPad, iPod touch and all but the very first iPhone. The App is available on the App Store at the price of £2.99.

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