8 Back to School Review Tools for English Teachers

When students come back to school, English teachers have a lot of work to do when it comes to brushing up grammar, polishing writing skills and helping students remember key vocabulary words. English teachers can use a variety of online tools to get students focused and ready for reading and writing success during the school year. These 10 review tools for English teachers feature games, visual resources and unique features to appeal to all learners.


Wordia allows teachers to turn key vocabulary words into games. As students play games and watch videos related to words, they learn about the grammar, phonics and meaning of the words. Students will enjoy competing against one another as they build their word banks.


VocabularySpellingCity.com is designed to help students from elementary school to high school improve their spelling and vocabulary skills. This online environment features word lists, spelling tests, practice exercises and games for students.


VisuWords in an online graphical dictionary. Students search for a word and are immediately shown a visual representing the word, synonyms, antonyms and other related words. This tool gives students a better overall understanding of key vocabulary words.


ReadWriteThink’s Student Interactives help students with skills such as inquiry and analysis, organizing and publishing and writing and publishing. The tools take students through important processes in the English classroom and engage them with their hands-on formats.


EasyBib makes creating a bibliography easy. It can be difficult for students to remember the differences between MLA and APA style or to remember what information must be included in a bibliography. With EasyBib, they do not have to remember, because the work is done for them.


PlagTracker helps you start the school year by knocking out plagiarism. Introduce this free plagiarism checker to remind students about the consequences of plagiarism and give them a tool to check their own papers to help prevent plagiarism.

Virtual Grammar Lab

The Virtual Grammar Lab takes many of the free grammar activities online and organizes them into one place. Beyond a website full of links, this resource allows students to create free accounts and track their progress as they practice key elements of grammar, making it easy for a teacher to determine what areas to focus on in class.

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes offers simple grammar exercises for students of all levels. Each exercise comes with an explanation of right and wrong answers. Students receive praise and cheesy prizes for correct answers to motivate them to continue.

When you start your students off by reviewing key grammar, writing and vocabulary skills, you will be able to a less stressful school year in your English classroom. These tools will become your students’ go-to resources when it comes to reading and writing.

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