6 Brill-iant Educational Apps for Studying Marine Biology


Marine biology is a subject that many students love. Being near the ocean, examining organisms and learning about ecosystems is both exciting and hugely interesting. Educational Apps can help improve the study of marine biology by helping students better understand local bodies of water and the organisms they contain. Beginners will appreciate apps that introduce them to common marine biology terms and species, while those more advanced in their studies may appreciate apps focusing on local weather and tidal conditions.

Ocean Encounters

If you have a general interest in marine biology and want to learn more about organisms in the ocean, Ocean Encounters: A Photographic Exploration of Marine Wildlife by Brandon Cole by Banzai Labs will help you do just that. The app features over 250 images from an award-winning wildlife photographer. Images are organized by location, so you can choose to explore marine wildlife found in the Indian Ocean or focus on wildlife found in brackish waters throughout North America. The beautiful images will engage all ages, from elementary age children who are just beginning to learn about specific marine animals to those studying marine biology at the university level.








Shoals Marine Lab

The Shoals Marine Lab app gives marine biology enthusiasts an inside look at the Shoals Marine Lab on Appledore Island off the Maine/New Hampshire coast. Those studying marine biology in other parts of the United States or the rest of the world will learn about the organisms found near the lab and the work the lab is doing through educational podcasts, videos and images. Those lucky enough to actually visit the laboratory will find maps, local tide and weather data and programs at the laboratory. As the app continues to be developed, it is expected to include an option for recording and analyzing data while visiting the lab.











TheBlu is the world’s first social digital ocean you can download, explore and share marine resources. Inspired by the world’s ocean, theBlu is a living and breathing digital art exhibit of ocean habitats and species, created by artists and developers from all over the world, including past Academy Award winners.

Marine Species of the World

No marine biologist is expected to know all of the marine organisms that exist, as there are millions of them, but you can gradually increase your knowledge of marine life one organism at a time with Marine Species of the World from Vital Acts Inc. Thousands of marine species, organized alphabetically by scientific name, are featured in this app. Start at A with the Acanthurus Coeruleus and go through the alphabet, learning each species’ origin, how it looks and the range it is found in.










Marine Biology Glossary

Review the terms found in the Marine Biology Glossary app from SunScroll so you can talk like a true marine biologist, or at least understand the terms your instructors and textbooks use. Terms are organized alphabetically, but may also be found through a keyword search. You can bookmark key terms to go back to them over and over or share new terms through Facebook and Twitter to help your peers build their marine biology vocabularies too.  The only downside to the app is there are no pictures to accompany the definitions you find.

Tides Weather

If you want to do some exploring of your own marine organisms, knowing the tide schedules can be helpful. The Tides Weather app from Marine Parts Express can help you locate that information quickly. While the app is designed for boaters and fishermen, those studying marine biology will appreciate being able to quickly determine if it is high tide or low tide and find other information such as wind speed and temperature. Local tide information can be found by longitude/latitude or zip code.


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