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The 20 Best Blogs about Game Based Learning - Archived

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Thanks to the guys at for sharing this resource of the 20 Best Blogs about Game Based Learning.

  1. Gamification
  3. Educational Games Research
  4. Serious Games Market
  5. PIXELearning Blog
  6. GALA Blog
  7. Pamela M. Kato, Ed.M., Ph.D.
  8. David Renton’s Educational Blog
  9. Ray Chambers
  10. Cooney Center Blog
  12. The UK Schools Blog
  13. Bill MacKenty
  14. Sealund’s Serious Games Blog
  15. The Official World Education Games Blog
  16. Serious Games at Gamasutra
  17. Unity Technologies Blog
  18. Ian Bogost
  19. Future of game-based Learning
  20. Center4Edupunx

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