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Top 5 Grammar Game Websites

Diagramming sentences and identifying a word’s part of speech over and over again is not fun for most students. In fact, the process of learning grammar is fairly unexciting. Make the process of learning grammar more bearable, even enjoyable, by letting students play grammar games.

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Funbrain – Grammar Gorillas

Funbrain’s Grammar Gorillas offers two levels of play. Players must identify the correct part of speech in a sentence.  For every correct answer, the gorilla gets a banana. For more grammar fun on Funbrain, also check out the interactive Mad Libs. Like the traditional Mad Libs books, they require students to enter words based on the given part of speech or other descriptor in order to create humorous story.

Maggie’s Learning Adventures

Scholastic presents Maggie’s Learning Adventures. Included in this selection of English, math, science and language games are games that focus specifically on grammar. Play a round of Clean Up Your Grammar to learn to identify nouns and verbs. The game is also available in Spanish and French. The website also offers other language arts games that require students to use prefixes and suffixes, clean up their capitalization and punctuation or identify homophones.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders focuses on math games, but offers a few fun games for grammar instruction as well. Students will enjoy playing the multiplayer Furious Frogs or the single player Word Frog to learn about antonyms, synonyms and homonyms. Verb Viper helps students recognize their verbs and Word Invasion focuses on identifying multiple parts of speech to help students learn grammar in a fun way.

Grammar Bytes

Designed for older students, Grammar Bytes helps students learn all about grammar through interactive exercises. To complete the exercises, students click on the correct answer in the sentence. Get the right answer and they win fake prizes. Get it wrong and they are presented with an explanation of the correct answer and an image to make them laugh. All exercises are accompanied by printable handouts.


Eduplace, from Houghton Mifflin English, features Grammar Blast. Organized by grade-level, this website offers multiple games and activities to relate to all aspects of grammar. Most games take the form of quizzes. Lessons are also available to help students review concepts before playing a game.

Whether learning their parts of speech for the first time or just reviewing grammar, your students will enjoy playing games. Use them as part of your lesson plans or give students the websites so they may practice on their own time.  After playing these games, your students will have their parts of speech straight and be the grammar gurus you always hoped they would be.

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