On your marks! Teaching Resources for the London Olympics

The excitement of the Olympics is almost here, and the organizers have put a great effort into setting out an education program for schools. ‘Get Set‘ is the official London 2012 education programme for schools, college and local authority education providers. It is mainly geared towards the UK, but it has some excellent online resources, including games, fact sheets, films and news articles that teachers all over the globe can use. As the website itself puts it:

“As a context for teaching and learning across the curriculum the London 2012 Games are unbeatable. The projects and support materials are all built around the Olympic and Paralympic Values, and encourage children and young people to play an active part in their own learning, to develop leadership skills and to challenge themselves to try new things.”

The website has great resources on lots of different subjects like Communication, Collaboration and Citizenship, Culture and Creativity, Practical Learning and Healthy and Active Lifestyles. The resources are grouped in to age ranges 3-5, 5-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19. Some of the resources we liked were

Winning Words: Using words from a bank of poetry inspired by Olympic and Paralympic sports and ideals as inspiration, students can work together to explore different kinds of poetry, write their own poems and perform their final creations in front of their class.

Make a Choice: This game is a diary management puzzle where you play the part of an Olympic athlete and have to juggle personal and sporting commitments. Tricky enough!

Match The Sound: For younger students; match the sound of one of the sports played at the Olympics to a picture of the sport.

Olympic Values Picture Game: Players have to remove as little tiles as possible to reveal a picture. They then have to choose which Olympic value the picture is describing.

Explore all the resources in the site as it offers a huge range of flexible and interactive learning resources designed to help students think about the Olympic and Paralympic Values and the London 2012 Games.