New interactive whiteboard works in sync with iPads


Even though whiteboards are becoming common in the majority of classrooms, many have to run its content through a PC or laptop. However, a new whiteboard has been adapted so it can be used with tablets such as the iPad.

San Diego based technology firm Splashtop has made a series of whiteboards that can be used in conjunction with an iPad to help use the technology universally around the classroom. As the whiteboard software will now be mobile throughout the classroom which means that it can be used throughout the lesson rather than at certain periods.

The new whiteboards will be initially trialled in San Francisco and 800 will be used within the Val Verde Unified School District over the next academic year. Michael McCormick, assistant superintendant for the school district, believes that the new technology will be effective in their schools. In a statement, he said that “placing this technology into the hands of our teachers and then letting them be creative and explore with it is critical to promote learning.”

The Splashtop app is currently available on The App Store for $19.99