Serious Game Kickstarter: Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines

Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines is a serious game currently being developed by Second Avenue Learning. The team are seeking to raise $75,000  to continue what looks to be a very exciting project. Originally funded by the National Science Foundation, the game is targeted at middle school science students to help encourage ongoing interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. In the game students collaborate to solve physical science challenges, for example how to get critical parts to a mill across a ravine where a bridge has been washed out.

On their Kickstarter page they said: ‘The opportunity is especially well suited for students, parentseducators, and anyone interested in offering students an engaging, memorable, and educational gaming experience. Help change the declining trend in U.S. education.’

Support Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines and watch their video for more information.