Kickstarter: Critters! And More!

We love looking for new creative Kickstarter projects for educational technology, and Critters! and more! is one particular project that caught our eye. Garrett Quesnell is looking for $5,000 to help develop apps helping students to understand the science behind ecosystems. He is also looking to develop apps covering chemistry and physics topics to promote a well rounded science education. His mission is:

“To develop affordable, user friendly, educational science software for iPad (eventually for Android devices). The first app in production will be a population dynamics simulation game to teach students about factors that influence ecosystem/population health. I will be working closely with Herbert Sauro, a professor at the University of Washington. This first app will be modeled after an his award winning Creatures! software. The Critters! app will have refreshed graphics as well as game aspects to make learning more fun for the student.”

Check out his video and Kickstarter page:

For more information check out their project page.