Flipped classroom technique tries to make teaching more interactive

A new teaching method is being used in St Louis to help students gain a better understanding over issues surrounding a topic.

The topic, known as the flipped classroom method, sees a rather different approach to tackling covering a subject. Where traditional methods see students given information about a subject then having to discuss the issues at the end, the new method will see students watching a pre-made video on a subject before the lesson where the actual lesson will be used to discuss the issues about the subject.

The method has become quite a popular method in the city with several schools using the method as cloud file storage and teaching applications have evolved to help this method became an effective way of teaching. Angela Angulo, director of curriculum at Barat Academy, believes the new method will help reach out to the students. In an interview with the St Louis Beacon, she said that “in 200 years of education, what we have been doing is not working, so we have to try something new.”

“If you are at the point that a kid is not getting it, he is very glad that you have more options so there is one where the light bulb goes off,” Angulo added.

There are some videos on youtube of teachers explaining why they are using the flipped method that are worth a watch: