10 Apps for Summer School Teachers

Teaching summer school is often a challenge.  Most students are in summer school because they failed a course during the school year, or have fallen behind and going to school is the last thing they want to do during the summer.  Summer school teachers must engage these students and make sure they are building the skills they missed out on during the school year.  These 10 apps for summer school teachers make that possible.

Many students in summer school for math have not mastered some of the basic skills needed to be successful. Incorporate Mathemagics into the summer school classroom to help students improve their ability to do mental math and learn new strategies for multiplying and dividing.

MathMaster is another app designed to help students improve their math skills. This app is designed to drill students with a series of problems based on the skill level and type of problem students choose.

While The Official Accuplacer Study App is designed to help students prepare for the Accuplacer tests, a series of exams to help determine the skills of college students, it also works well to help summer school teachers know where their students are.  Use the app to test your students’ performance in basic math, reading and sentence skills.

Whatever they are studying in summer school, students will enjoy creating their own flashcards with Flashcards Deluxe. Students will develop study skills as they create, share and use their flashcards to improve their knowledge of key information. Here is a video tutorial from a teacher in Alabama which explains how it works:

Having a strong vocabulary can improve a student’s performance in school.  Words to Learn By takes students through high-frequency academic vocabulary words. Use the quizzes and games to help students build their vocabularies. The app is customizable to allow students to receive words at their individual levels.

Sparknotes is a great tool for any student, but especially for students in summer school. The Sparknotes app features over 50 study guides related to literature, plays, philosophy and more.  In addition, Sparknotes offers hundreds of online guides that may be downloaded for offline use through the app. They also do great video sparknotes like this one about Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird:

TED features talks by fascinating people captured on video. With the TED app, summer school teachers can use these videos to engage students. Create playlists of videos for students to watch and help them connect what they are learning in the summer school classroom to real-life professionals.

Even students who are not preparing for the ACT will benefit from ACT Student.  This app will help summer school teachers see where students fall in relation to basic English, math, reading and science skills. It features sample ACT questions and provides students and teachers with feedback related to questions students answered incorrectly and areas that need improvement.

Stick Pick helps summer school teachers ask questions based on students’ ability levels and tracks how students respond to questions. Simply input student names, shake your phone to choose a name and ask a question based on the suggestions given.  The more questions students answer, the better the app gets.

Creative Whack Pack will help teachers bring some fun and creativity into the summer school classroom.  The app features 84 cards containing strategies to help stimulate creative thinking.  Strategies include ways to find new information, generate new ideas and make decisions.

Summer school gives teachers the opportunity to step outside the box and engage students who are often disinterested during the regular school year.  With these 10 apps, teachers have the ability to meet students where they are and help them enjoy their time in summer school, whether or not they want to be there.

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