New app program aims to let teachers download education apps for free

It can be difficult for teachers to find and download the exact app they are looking for, and Happi Papi have an interesting program that will let teachers download educational apps for free.

The App Evaluation Program for Schools will let teachers test out new apps for free. They will be sent apps by developers and other teachers from around the world covering many different subjects including maths, science and English.

One of the developers of the program, Patrick Larsson, said that it will allow teachers to see which apps are good and be able to use the right apps to improve the learning experience for their pupils. In an interview with The Journal, he said “I think [kids] learn faster because they get to learn in a sneaky way if the developers are good.”

“That means they will make learning fun, which means the kids will think it’s playing when it’s really learning,” Larsson added.