Universities in the US to expand the use of e-learning software


Once again, it has been a busy week in the world of educational technology which has seen e-learning become one of the most talked about points over the last few days.

Universities in the US to expand the use of e-learning software

Several universities based in Boston have announced that they are going to expand the use of an e-learning system which helps lecturers plan and manage content for their lectures.

The system, called MediaKron, is going to be used by several universities and colleges including Bucknell University, Clark University and Boston University. MediaKron allows lecturers to use several different forms of media such as images, video and music in one plan to allow students to explore a topic to a very detailed level.

The expansion of Mediakron’s use has been met with much expansion from lecturers who will be using the system in the coming future. In a statement, Rita Owens, executive director of academic technology at Boston College, said that “as the digital world changes and evolves, so do the methods faculty use in their classrooms, labs and lecture halls on a daily basis.”

The MediaKron system was originally designed by Boston College and has been successfully used on several different topics range from Irish Studies to Chinese culture.

Tablets are being used to help Indian schools integrate technology in school

An Indian firm has developed an e-learning system that uses tablets to help children in schools benefit from modern technology. The tablets, which are powered by the Android operating system, give teachers the option of creating tests, exams and home work for their pupils to access, as and when they need to. The system is not dependent on having access to the Internet either which means the pupils can access the content either at school, at home or on the move.

Edutor Technology, based in Hyderabad, have helped schools to place content onto tablets so that the students can gain access to more materials that can help them find out more about topics and increase interactivity in lessons.

Education companies becoming ever more prominent in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is one of the most innovative regions in the technology industry and it seems that educational technology companies have become some of the most talked about businesses in the region.

With these emerging companies creating such a buzz, it comes no surprise that a competition to find the next big company in the area was won by educational engine developers Noodle.

Noodle won the SV:Forum competition after they developed a system that lets students and their families find a service that can help them with any educational need ranging from finding a college to seeking a guidance counsellor. This impressed the panel at the competition and was then deemed to be the business “Most Likely To Succeed” at the event.

Noodle COO Rob Ryman stated that it was important for people to recognise the importance of education in a society which is becoming more technologically advanced day-by day. In an interview with Business Insider,  he said that the award “validates the importance ofour mission — to transform the way people find education and learning.”.

The event highlighted that Noodle was just one of several educational technology firms that were recognized at the event with firms such as Skillshare, Voxy and 2tor also getting some acclaim from industry experts.