Bjork album app helps children learn about science and music

Quirky Icelandic singer Bjork is working with the New York Public Library and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan to develop an app which helps children learn about science and music.

Based around Bjork’s latest album, Biophilia, the app will use each musical track to explain the different relationships between nature, music and technology. The app will have several interactive features such as musical animations, an animated score and interactive games.

In a interview with IceNews, Bjork explained that it was important for children to use interactive methods to enhance their understanding about the world. She said “You cannot learn to make music … from a book.”

“There are things you can only learn from books, but it’s also important to introduce the physical aspects. So for me, it was very important to make, somehow, music education that was physical,” she added.

Biophilia was released as an app for iPods and was in the top 5 album apps at the end of 2011.