Cackleberries Virtual World Approved by Homeschoolers Directory


This fall, the Cackleberries virtual world of Oville—a child-safe, commercial-free online edutainment center for preschoolers—received rave reviews from the homeschooling community and a coveted nod from HERD, the U.S.-based Home Educators Resource Directory.

HERD’s review process is significant. Products such as Cackleberries are given to home-school families for one to four months. Reviewers are asked to complete an extensive report on the pros and cons with a focus on safety and ease of use. According to Mindy Lively, President of HERD and a homeschooling mother of two, Cackleberries did very well on both aspects.

“There isn’t much online for young children of this age group,” said Lively. “My reviewers loved exploring Oville. It reminded them of a kinder, more innocent time that was safe, non-violent and educational. They also appreciated the creative and playful aspects of the game that are so important for young learners, as well as the safety features.”

Well aware that Internet safety is a primary concern for parents of young children, the company has developed a proprietary desktop icon that allows children to safely login to the game without directly accessing the wider Internet. To date, Cackleberries is the only gaming company that is using Adobe’s application in this manner.

Aside from staying safe from the wider Internet, children playing in Oville are not exposed to advertising or chat rooms. Instead of interacting with other players such as in Webkinz World, children learning and playing in Oville engage with Oville’s many friendly and polite characters.

Eronne Foster, Cackleberries CEO, said, “Our company aims to fill the need for safe educational games for preschoolers, but our broader goal is to make the world a kinder, gentler place by teaching acceptance, empathy and understanding. This is what makes a homeschool organization like HERD put us on their list of recommended educational resources.”

Designed for children between the ages of three to five years old, Oville includes music, games and stories that entertain children as they explore, play thinking games, learn to read, and practice their computer skills. To find out more about free memberships please visit HERD resources can be found at

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