Moshi Monsters Launches Moshi Music Label

Since its launch in 2008, Moshi Monsters has accumulated over 50m registered users worldwide, and this kids virtual world is continuing with their global domination by moving into the music business.

Moshi Monsters’ pint-sized superstar Lady Goo Goo looks set to follow in the footsteps of Bob the Builder and Mr. Blobby by moving from small screen to the top of the charts.  Lady Goo Goo is an animated sensation and heroine of the global kids’ phenomenon Moshi Monsters, which now has over 50 million registered users worldwide (including one-in-two kids in the UK aged 6-12).

Lady Goo Goo’s debut single, ‘The Moshi Dance’ will be available for download on iTunes from September 18th with ambitions for a number one chart position. The official single is being launched by popular demand following Lady Goo Goo’s massive success on YouTube, where the ‘The Moshi Dance’ video is pulling in around 1m views a month.

The video is currently on over 3m hits – eclipsing established artists including Will Young (his Jealousy video has 793,880 views), The Wanted (Glad You Came has clocked up 937,045 views) and Jedward (the video for Bad Behaviour has received 1,107,850 views to date)*.

On the basis of Lady Goo Goo’s monster success, Moshi Monsters is launching its own music label to back its characters’ musical exploits.  The label has already signed hopefuls including Dustbin Beaver, 49 Pence, Broccoli Spears, Hairosniff and Avril Le Scream from whom future releases are expected. There is also a Moshi Music album on the cards for release later this year.

Creator of Moshi Monsters and CEO of Mind Candy, Michael Acton Smith said: “We released the Lady Goo Goo music video on YouTube as a bit of an experiment and were amazed at the response and how fast it spread. Kids loved it so we thought it would be smart to release it and are developing many more tracks.”

Each Moshi Music track and supporting video will be developed to offer both parents and children a combination of awesome visual content, character back-stories, silliness and fun.

For further information on Lady Goo Goo’s debut track, ‘The Moshi Dance’ visit or her Facebook page

* YouTube stats as of 12 September 2011

Via PR Newswire