Moshi Monsters: The Virtual Monster Brand

Moshi Monsters is one of the fastest growing children’s virtual worlds with over fifty million registered users world wide. Mind Candy, the company behind the successful global hit, have teamed up with Activision Publishing, Inc to bring players Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo, a Nintendo DS game with brand new content including mini-games, educational style puzzle games and 52 Moshlings pets to collect.

“With an absolutely massive fan base, Moshi Monsters is clearly one of the fastest growing children’s entertainment brands in the world,” said David Oxford, EVP & General Manager, Activision Publishing. “We look forward to building on Mind Candy’s success as we work closely with them to extend the brand experience.”

“We’re really excited to expand the Moshi Monsters universe into video games for the very first time,” said Michael Acton Smith, Mind Candy’s CEO and creator of Moshi Monsters. “The Nintendo DS™ is the perfect launch platform and we hope to build a lasting and successful relationship with Activision.”

Developed for kids aged 6-12 yrs, the brand includes toys and is the best selling children’s title magazine in the U.K, now ranked No. 70 within the top 100 magazines sold in the U.K.

“This is amazing news for SkyJack Publishing, and the success of Moshi Monsters Magazine can be credited to our truly unique partnership with Mind Candy,” says Matt Yeo, co-editor of Moshi Monsters magazine and managing director of SkyJack Publishing. “We’re successfully pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with children’s magazine publishing, and the results of what can be achieved with the right combination of talent, ideas and creativity have exceeded even our own expectations!”

Moshi Monsters was launched in 2007 by Mind Candy, a company founded in 2004 by UK-based serial entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith. The world is free to play with additional features available for monthly subscriptions.