Weekly News Roundup

Lego are releasing a free to play offering in Lego Universe. Players will no longer have to invest in the game DVD to play the game, and can now try out the game before paying for membership.

One of the world’s largest children’s virtual worlds was homeless this week, having failed to renew its domain name. Club Penguin were quick to reassure anxious young players that the site would be back up and running soon.

The AMD Foundation have provided over $350,000 in grants for a US children’s video game education program. The contribution supports the AMD Foundation’s signature education initiative, AMD Changing the Game, a program that encourages youth to learn critical STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and become more globally conscious citizens by developing digital games with social content.

A new learning system for virtual world educators has been released. The creators of Texas State Technical Colleges’ virtual presence in Second Life®, vTSTC, have released a new learning management system created for educators using virtual worlds for teaching and learning.

Mimogames have released a new kids virtual world, Downworld. We will have an up to date listing in our virtual worlds database next week.

The developer of Math Blaster and JumpStart, Knowledge Adventure, have released three new mobile games especially for kids.