MoshiMonsters Madness


One of the top virtual worlds for kids with over 40 million registered users is Moshi Monsters. Kids become a pet monster and take care of their health, mood and happiness by doing various activities In-world. Monsters live in an apartment that is customized with a range of gear including wallpaper, flooring, posters and furniture. All items are stored in a virtual chest that also contains food items that are bought to feed the monster.

From the home space, kids can access educational Puzzle games to earn ‘Rox’, a virtual currency. The games are quick and fun to play, testing vocabulary, arithmetic and logic skills. The difficulty level of the games calibrates each day depending on how well the child is doing. Over sixty more games can be accessed through the Moshi Fun Park helping kids to level up and increase their Monstar rating from Z to A.

One strange feature about MoshiMonsters is not being able to view your own monster with cool new clothes. When you are in the dressing room, you can change your outfit, but as soon as you leave your monster appears normal. Everyone else can see your monster wearing your new outfit, except you. There is no ordinary chat function either, instead kids post messages on their friends board and reply to one another that way. Their buddy list is stored in a nice friends tree that grows and branches out as the number increases. You can visit and rate your friend’s houses to see what stuff they bought, how they’ve decorated and what pet Moshlings they have.

Subscriptions costs $49.95 for 12 months but kids can enjoy most of the features for free, so it’s a great world to try out before investing. Developed by Mind Candy, the world has seen tremendous growth from its launch in 2008 and has expanded its portfolio to include toys, a magazine and an IPhone App.