How much do they cost?

Virtual worlds use a combination of pricing to support their business model. For a more detailed analysis check out our research blog on ‘virtual worlds cost real money’.

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A subscription fee is paid monthly, quarterly or yearly and usually includes & a virtual currency allowance. Subscriptions are more popular in worlds for younger children, as an easier payment method for parents rather that an ongoing payments for virtual currency.[/li]
Virtual money is purchased with real money with a credit card or mobile phone payments. Users then buy virtual items for their avatar such as clothes and furniture.[/li]
[li]Toy Purchase
A real life toy is bought in a shop that comes with a special code. This code allows access to the world or additional features.[/li]
Advertising is predominantly targeted at the tween and teen market because of concerns about safety and advertising standards. Typically a world will offer an ‘Ad free ‘option if subscriptions are purchased.[/li]