What is Cyberbullying?

Bullying has long been a problem for children in schools and playgrounds worldwide. The next generation of digital kids now have another place where bullying can happen. Cyberbullying is using any online, electronic or communication technology to be hostile or abusive to others. The main reason behind Cyberbullying is to harm or tease other children emotionally.

Where can Cyberbullying happen?

Cyberbullying can happen in online forums, messenger programs (such as MSN or Gchat), virtual worlds, youtube, email or social networking sites. There is no real limit as to where Cyberbullying can happen online.

What do virtual worlds do to stop Cyberbullying?

Many virtual worldsuse text filters to stop inappropriate or rude language being used by members. Others provide moderators, who are adults working in the virtual world, to give advice and support to children who may be experiencing Cyberbullying. Children are encouraged to report any bullying behaviour to moderators or to the site admin.

How can I stop my child from being bullied online?

Using virtual worlds that have strict anti-bullying policies, active online moderators and parental controls can help you to monitor your child’s activity. Many virtual worlds allow parents to choose appropriate safety chat options. These safety chat options include chat rooms that only allow preset sentences or chat rooms that filter for any inappropriate language or personal details being communicated. This way, parents can help prevent emotional distress in their child resulting from Cyberbullying. However, it is very difficult to prevent your child being bullied online if you do not communicate with them the dangers of being bullied or bullying others.


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